Health Services in the Workplace | Prevention

Investing in the development of a culture of health prevention

Here are some examples of the health and wellness services we offer.

We work with you to organize on-site events to engage your employees and promote your occupational health and safety program.

Health Days

Organize a health break at your office or on a construction site to educate your employees on healthy living habits. A health professional will be able to address various topics chosen with you: health and wellness, cardiovascular diseases, protection against hepatitis and tetanus, danger of crystalline silica, noise, cancer, sleep. Whatever the subject, a break can be developed according to your requirements.

Vaccination in the workplace

Whether your employees are exposed to sewage, other infectious contaminants, or you simply want to protect them from a recurrence of the seasonal flu, vaccination helps protect your employees from infectious diseases and is an essential component of any health and safety prevention program.

Organizing a corporate vaccination campaign will reduce absenteeism and ensure that your employees’ health, safety and physical well-being are well protected.

Contact a health professional at AKT Formation to update your employees’ vaccination record:

  • Tetanus
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Influenza
  • And more

Hearing Testing

Your workers are exposed to noise in their daily lives, but are they protecting themselves adequately?  Noise can cause irreversible damage to our ears and it also damages the rest of our body.

Assess your employees’ hearing with the help of a health professional at AKT Formation.  In the event of a hearing-related problem, you will be informed and guided to the appropriate health services.