Videographic Observation

Act preventively by protecting yourself against potential lawsuits. Producing a video survey showing the condition of the work site and its surroundings before the work begins or once it is completed can save you from short, medium or long term complications.

Safety Harness Inspection

Although collective protection such as a guardrail must be prioritized as construction safety in the presence of a fall hazard, the safety harness is a ubiquitous piece of personal protective equipment in the workplace. However, during use, safety harnesses and other fall protection equipment can wear out in such a way that their effectiveness can be reduced. Therefore, manufacturers recommend that inspections be performed annually. To this effect, AKT Formation inc. offers you a professional inspection service according to a detailed grid, for your safety harnesses and other fall arrest equipment.

Human Resources Consultation

he management of human resources is essential for the sustainability of a company. In this regard, AKT Formation has more than 20 years of experience. Therefore, if you need advice or support in relation to staffing, mobilization of your workers, their development, the establishment of an employee manual or disciplinary measures, our consultants, members of the Ordre des CRHA, will guide you in achieving your objectives, and by the same token, improve the organization of your company.

Gas Detection

Do you operate machinery inside buildings? Your workers are assigned to work in confined spaces? Do you have questions about the quality of the air in your workplace?

No problem! We offer two types of services regarding this reality.

The first option is to come to your workplace to take an air reading and provide you with an analysis report.

Otherwise, the second option offered is a gas detection device rental service. We can also, if you wish, train your workers on the risks of working in such an environment and teach them the proper methods of using this equipment.

Decibel Analysis

Is your workplace noisy? Do your employees complain of headaches or ringing in the ears after their work day? Are you looking to know the decibel level in your workplace?

Contact us as soon as possible! The symptoms of hearing loss may take time to become apparent, but the damage to hearing is irreversible. Hearing health is essential to maintaining a good quality of life.

This is why AKT Formation inc. offers a decibel analysis service in companies and on construction sites. We will come and take a real time reading of the noise level. Afterwards, an analysis report will be sent to you with recommendations to reduce the impact of noise on the hearing health of your workers and thus, allow them to keep a good hearing.

Development of Prevention Programs and Work Procedures

A prevention program for construction safety is an action plan that is specific to each establishment or project. It is the main prevention tool provided by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Its main objective is to eliminate, or if that is not possible, to control hazards in the workplace. To do this, the prevention program includes concrete measures to achieve this. It allows employers to ensure the health and safety of their employees.

A work procedure is a specific method of meeting specific operational needs. The procedures must bring efficiency to the operation while respecting the legislation in force and ensuring the safety of the workers.

Management of Accident Reports and CNESST Cases

Workplace accident investigation and analysis is a risk identification technique. Their objective is to discover the causes of an accident and then correct the situation in order to prevent other accidents. To ensure that the investigation is carried out with care and that the corrective measures selected are relevant and realistic, why not call on an AKT Training consultant?

In the same vein, do you need assistance in managing your work accident files in order to minimize their costs for your company? Call on our consultants to assist you!

Management and Facilitation of Occupational Health and Safety Meetings

Whether it is for the creation and animation of a welcoming session on the work site, a health and safety committee, health and safety breaks or for any other meeting or information session related to occupational health and safety, an AKT Formation consultant will be there to assist you in order to maximize the results!